Gil Fulbright and Candidate Endorsements

We missed the deadline for 2014 ballot access ourselves, but there are plenty of candidates for various offices nationwide who understand that fundamental changes are needed in order for the people to regain power over their government.  In the coming weeks, The Protest Party will begin endorsing such candidates across the country for their 2014 campaigns. has put together a very handy "Election Assistant," which should be quite useful in finding worthy candidates.

In the meantime, meet Gil Fulbright, a fake candidate in the 2014 Kentucky Senatorial race, put forth by the campaign. He's not a real person and thus would probably be ineligible for official endorsement by the Protest Party, but he represents one possibility for the sort of candidate I envision running for the Protest Party in the future.

Imagine the intrigue that would be caused if Fulbright were on the official ballot and had a simple demand like "Allow equal time for a third party in all debates," or "Adopt an alternative voting system," or some other simple reform that would enable alternative viewpoints to be heard. That's the idea behind the Protest Party. 

Stay tuned for Official Endorsements in a few weeks, and please email us with any suggestions.