Brendan Nyhan predicts a boom in third-party speculation

In the New York Times yesterday, political scientist Brendan Nyhan predicted that we would soon start to see many political commentators naively speculating that 2016 would see a viable Third-Party presidential candidate. This is not based on his belief that this year is somehow special; every election season inspires poorly-thought-out columns predicting the impossible. For quite a few years now, Nyhan has been documenting these predictions on his web page. In any case, I see these articles as an opportunity to publicize the Protest Party, so please alert me if you find them so I can comment in a timely manner. (Or, better yet, leave a comment yourself!) As for Nyhan's article, I left the following comment under the name "ProtestParty": 

Those who want to see a viable third party need to acknowledge that this is not possible in the face of the obstacles that Nyhan references in this article. If they want to be taken at all seriously, minor parties need to unite in a temporary coalition to dismantle these unfair barriers. If it can get on the ballot for 2016, the Protest Party would be an ideal vehicle for such a union.