Finally, a way to use your vote that can actually make a difference.

This is not just another minor party. The Protest Party is based on the understanding that we live in a two-party system for reasons both systemic and corrupt. Therefore, the Protest Party is not based on some impossible dream of defeating the Major Parties in an election. Rather, it is designed to disrupt those elections and interject a new message into the media's election narrative. The message will be the Protest Party's demand. The exact demand will be determined by the Protest voters, but the basic idea will be clear: The system is so egregious that we are withholding our votes in protest until it is fixed.

In some states, one percent of the vote can swing an election (and we are starting in Ohio). Protest Party votes will be up for grabs, available to either Major Party if it effectively accedes to the specific demand decided upon by Protest voters during our primaries. Of course, Protest Party voters are free to cooperate or not as they see fit, but nothing would highlight our power more than truly swinging a presidential election.

For those of us without the financial resources to widely disseminate our voices, the vote is the most efficient way to get our voices heard. Whereas voting for the Libertarian, Green, or other minor parties has the effect of legitimating this oppressive system, a vote for the Protest Party communicates a clear and unambiguous message: The system's corruption has become so intolerable that the government's legitimacy is in peril.

The is just the sort of  story the mainstream media likes: clear and provocative with implications for Presidential politics. If we can get a few percent of the vote, the media will take notice. At that point, our message will become a topic of national conversation and more people will become aware of the option of effective protest voting.

With even a few votes up for grabs, those in power are sure to take notice. With a little more support, we can try to leverage our power to help remake our governmental system. Until then, we must work within the system to get onto the ballot, and this means we need lots of help.

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